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Circuit Board Schematic Diagram Symbols - Table of Contents. Getting Started; Task1 Acquaint yourself with XCircuit ; Task2 Run the program ; Task3 Drawing a circuit for SPICE simulation ; Task4 Introduction to parameters ; Task5 Virtual library instances ; Task6 Drawing a circuit with parameters ; Task7 Parameter tricks ; Task8 Making a new "fundamental" object ; Task9 A schematic with symbol-less schematics in the hierarchy. Solderless breadboards are an important tool in your quest for electronics mastery. They allow you to make quick circuits, test out ideas before making a more permanent Printed Circuit Board.. The following table highlights which features are available in the Educational edition of Circuit Wizard..

THE POWER SUPPLY Sometimes you will see a circuit as shown in the first diagram with 12v or +12v on the top rail and 0v or a negative sign or the word "negative" on the bottom rail. In this case the word negative means earth or "chassis of a car" and we commonly refer to this as "negative earth" or "negative chassis." In the second diagram, the output from a power supply has a positive 12.

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